Published by Scott Budzynski: Evoking the New City

Evoking the New City: Milan from Post-World War II Reconstruction Through the Economic Miracle
ISBN: 978-8869772627

The american architectural hisotrian Scott Budzynski recently published his new book on modern italian architecture. He examins the postwar period in Milan as a time in which the transformational possibilities of the Lombard metropolis were palpable. He shows how architects looked to the future in planning an ideal city onto a pre-existing one heavily damaged in World War II. In doing so it becomes clear, that these architects looked back to the relatively young tradition of modern architecture in Italy, while simultaneously re-ordering its narratives. Concentrating on three major elements of the new city, skyscrapers, housing, and city planning, this book approaches Milan as an ideal city of the postwar period through architecture, film, and print media.

For a more extended review see (Rez.) Scott Budzynski: Evoking the New City. Milan from Post-World War II Reconstruction to the Economic Miracle (2020), in: architectura : Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Baukunst, 49.2019/2 (published 2022), p. 244-247.

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