Published: Carl Kühn, 1873-1942 – Kirchen für das junge Bistum Berlin

Konstantin Manthey has published his detailed study of the largely unknown, but influential at the time, architect of sacred buildings Carl Kühn.  As an advisor to the Berlin Catholic authorities and diocesan councilor, he shaped the development of the church infrastructure in early modern Berlin. The life and work of Carl Kühn are presented and his architectural work is focused on the basis of case studies. The book is rounded off by a catalog of his buildings, which as a guide invites to visit this exceptional heritage.

Konstantin Manthey: Carl Kühn, 1873-1942 – Kirchen für das junge Bistum Berlin. Schriftenreihe des Berliner Kirchenbauforums. 352 p., 95 ill., Hardcover. Berlin 2021. ISBN 978-3-86732-330-7.

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